Android 9: Making Your Life Easy as PIE

Android 9: Making Your Life Easy as PIE

If we all thought that we’ve had enough technological advancements throughout the century, Android proves us all wrong once more!

Just recently, Android has released its latest version named Android 9 Pie which is said to be armed with artificial intelligence for an easier, smarter and more personal experience for its users.

So, without further ado, here are some of the features that this new version boasts of:


Android 9 learns from its user and adapts to his or her usage patterns. This means that its Adaptive Brightness memorizes how you set your screen’s brightness in different settings, then automatically does it for you, just as how its Adaptive Battery studies your most frequently used apps and prioritizes battery for them.

Aside from that, Android 9 is now able to predict your next move and get work done faster with App Actions. For example, every time you put in your headphones, your phone offers you options whether to resume playing one of your unfinished audiobooks, call your husband, or play your favorite playlist.

Another thing they added to make your life “easy as pie” is its Slices feature, giving you a summary of what an app has to offer, the moment you search it on the web.


With the continuous changes in mobile phones’ designs making them sleeker and taller, it has been relatively harder to get things done using a single hand. In order to make things easier to navigate, the newest version introduced a new system navigation with a single home button, enabling its users to get a full screen preview of his or her recently used apps with just one swipe.

Now, if you’re the type of person who finds himself or herself constantly switching between applications on his or her device, the Smart Text Selection, a feature which recognizes the meaning of your selected text and suggests potential relevant actions, can now be found on the Overview of your most recent applications.

Aside from that, Android 9 Pie has also redesigned its Quick Settings, simplifying small but important processes such as taking screenshots (no more Hulk-y hands for your side buttons), controlling the volume, managing notifications and many more.


Although it is a known fact that our devices play a major role in accomplishing our work tasks, it is also undeniable that it is one of the many things which take us away from living our life as it is.

With these newly added features, users can now enjoy the unlimited possibilities that their gadget brings while keeping in touch with themselves, their family and friends.

A new Dashboard helps users understand how you spend time on your device (which apps keep you busiest, which ones are rarely used, etc.). It also has an App Timer which lets you set time limits on certain apps, graying out the icon on your home screen when it is up. Its Do Not Disturb feature silences all visual interruptions that pop up on the screen and Wind Down switching to Night Light and fades the screen to grayscale in order to prepare you for sleep.


We all know that security is one of the most essential things to look out for in new technological updates. Aside from a newly improved security model for biometrics and a consistently hardened platform, Android 9 allows the protection of sensitive data such as credit card information through a secure and dedicated chip. In order to protect all sorts of web communications, it is also baked with major privacy improvements, like DNS over TLS and TLS by default, ensuring safe and private browsing for all its users.