Mobile App Marketing – The Ultimate Master Plan

Mobile App Marketing – The Ultimate Master Plan


The world is constantly evolving, and we may not even be noticing it.


For many years, mobile phones have been solely used for communication, but have now become an essential part of our everyday lives. Now, with the emergence of smartphones, it is used for a variety of things — from recording our everyday lives through pictures and videos to sharing and communicating with the world through the internet. Today, the typical smartphone is even used to earn money.


YES! You heard that right.

Mobile app developers, or those people who generate applications for mobile phones earn money through their creations, but the process is not that simple.


Having over 2.2 million apps in iOS Appstore alone and 3.3 million for Google Play Store, it’s hard to imagine your app magically becoming popular overnight or even over a course of two weeks. So, what is the secret?



Let’s face it. Reviews or your user’s feedback matter greatly to your potential user’s decision whether to install your app or not. More positive reviews can mean more future users for your app. However, not all reviews are created equal. Here are two of the most integral things to look out for in a good review:



Is it something original? It is short, but catchy? Greatly written reviews are more likely to capture your reader’s attention, even in blogs and other right-ups. So what makes it different for reviews?



Does it sound like a real human talking? Or does it sound generic and machine-generated? Users are more likely to believe reviews that look and sound “authentic”. With millions of other apps in competition, users are now smart enough to determine if your reviews are plainly JUST LIKE THE OTHERS.


So where will you get thousands of reviews for your apps? It’s very unlikely that your app will generate a huge amount of real users to review your app, so PAID APP REVIEWS are your next best thing.

Ninety-percent of app users read the information about the app before actually installing it, and app reviews are part of this information.

With paid app reviews, you get more downloads in a short time, reviews and ratings from real users (no bot generated reviews for your beloved app), better App Store rating, greater credibility and visibility, higher search engine rankings and in turn, larger sales revenue.

Where do you actually BUY these things?

It is recommended that you get your app reviews from a trustworthy company that has been doing it for quite some time. Doing this will increase the guarantee to reach your target audience, beat your competitors and rise in the market.