The Future of Artificial Intelligence – Smarter Gadgets and an Easier Way of Life

The Future of Artificial Intelligence – Smarter Gadgets and an Easier Way of Life

As the number of gadget users increase each year, various technological advancements are also paving their way into the market.

Smart speakers and digital assistants from Amazon and Google are some of the most recent and popular gadgets infused with Artificial Intelligence technology, and Apple is said to be launching their own speaker this year, along with another one made through Microsoft and Samsung’s collaboration.

Meanwhile, manufacturers are expected to be revealing more voice-controlled devices, as the pioneers Google and Amazon try to offer a wider and more diverse range of products in the future. If they prove to be a hit, you can expect more of these kinds of products around your house – from refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and more.

The International Consumers Electronics Show, the globe’s gathering place for people who flourish on the consumer technologies business, is also another place for a thousand exhibitors, innovators and the launching of a myriad of breakthrough technologies. It has been around for five decades now and is also a home to startups and small companies. This year, gadgets using Google’s  Android operating software and products that cater to Apple’s smart home system called Apple HomeKit are expected, along with the following:

AI is no longer science fiction.

With the continuous launch of various computers studying and anticipating your needs and preferences, consumers can expect more practical applications in voice-assisted devices such as the pioneer Amazon Echo and Google Home. As more products from competitors are being released, these two systems are expected to keep up and become even more useful and efficient with new designs in controlling the devices through voice commands.

In addition to that, car makers are also expected to exhibit self-driving vehicles powered by AI, and startups are expected to showcase earphones which promise real-time translations of conversations in a wide array of languages, similar to what Google’s Pixel Buds are doing, but for a more general scope.

Everything is smarter.

Simple, everyday items are all getting wired and connected to the internet. Your cars, kitchen appliances and other devices which you manually use are now expected to bring you services online, such as checking what’s left in your fridge, or if you accidentally left the door open.

As more products and appliances get connected, so is the risk for security breach. It is very likely to see advancements in the security design of these devices to minimize the risk for hacking.

Moving on to the larger perspective, it is also expected that companies will be showing the prospective of starting to smarten up entire cities, where people can actually detect damaged roads needing repairs, drivers can view and reserve parking spaces ahead of time, and non-timer traffic lights which work with the actual amount of traffic and pedestrian flows.

Your personal gadgets are getting their upgrades.

Since the CES is a venue where some big companies announce their TV lineups annually, it is expected that many sets will come with voice control, hoping to get their consumers to upgrade sooner to these higher-end models.

Flagship Apple and Samsung models are not really expected as they have their own venue for their own announcements and launching, but expect lower-cost and less popular Android brands for different phones, laptops, tablets and other personal computers.

Wearable devices are also expected to be part of the CES, but for startups which are looking into the possibility of developing these devices targeted for fitness tracking and medical issues.

Lastly, there’ll be a lot of robots, from flying drones to miniature ones dashing around. There will also be robots who would actually do your household chores for you, although the speed is not very promising.


Overall, consumers can expect that this year will be full of surprises, and we can only be hopeful that our longed upgrade belongs to the list of these tech companies’ priorities. Given the ever-changing nature of technological devices, time will come that nothing will be impossible.