Top Trending Categories in the Apple App Store

Top Trending Categories in the Apple App Store

Kids these days are always seen on some kind of screen – a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, and even a smart TV. With parents busy doing their work, one cannot deny that gadgets play a huge role in keeping their kids entertained.

This explains why games top the list of trending categories in the Apple App Store, a browsing and downloading platform for Apple applications. It was launched in 2008, and the number of apps has been consistently growing along with major upgrades in the Apple OS and an estimate of more than 180 billion apps downloaded from the market as of June 2017.

As of May 2018, it is said that almost 25 percent of active apps belong to the games category ( Followed by business apps, making up about ten percent of the total active apps in the store. Closely at the third spot of the list are educational apps, with almost nine percent in the store’s active apps. Coming in fourth and fifth in the list are lifestyle and entertainment apps, with eight percent and six percent share of active apps, respectively.

Aside from being the most popular, the games category is also one of which has the highest mobile user engagement, with 88 percent of digital gaming spent on mobile apps as of June 2018.

So, how do games actually generate revenue? Usually, what developers do is to provide free apps with in-app purchases (think of Talking Tom selling you coins and diamonds for his food), paid apps without in-app purchases (think of the “Go Premium” option to unlock all the levels and special features in a game) and lastly is what we all know as ads or advertisements. Through these, there is a higher chance of earning for every download of one’s gaming app.

Now that these things have been thoroughly explained, the importance of making your application visible to the user market is also more clearly defined and emphasized. After all, who doesn’t want a stable and guaranteed money-making app?